Amanda Seyfried disgusted by some Mean Girls fans

The actress played Karen Smith in the cult comedy of the early 2000s

The star of Mean GirlsAmanda Seyfriedconfessed to Marie Claire of having often been inquieted by the reaction of the fans to her interpretation of the character of Karen Smith. He became famous in pop culture in the early 2000s, Mean Girls tells the story of Cady Heron, a sixteen-year-old who grew up in Africa with her parents, university zoologist researchers, who decides to sabotage the clique of popular girls in her new high school. Written by Tina Fey and directed by Mark Watersthe film was a tremendous box office success, grossing about $ 130 million from a $ 17 million budget.

Seyfried at the time of success was only eighteen and in the interview she explored the consequences of playing a character like Karen Smith, the moments of discomfort she experienced with the audience and the influence on her life as a teenager. The actress he said he suffered rather controversial reactions about one scene in particular: that of the meteorological bulletin. For those who know well Mean Girlsit will not be difficult to remember the special “gift” of Karen, able to predict the weather by touching your breasts. According to Amanda Seyfried, after the release of the film, many men approached her and asked her to do the same thing in real life. “I felt really uncomfortable what was happening, I was eighteen. It was just disgusting“.

Amanda Seyfried disgusted by some fan reaction to a famous Mean Girls scene

Amanda Seyfried Mean Girls

Mean Girls (2004) Paramount Pictures studios

Seyfried’s experience is reminiscent of that of other teenage stars like Millie Bobbie Brown (Stranger Things), who recently openly discussed how the press and social media users have sexualized her over the course of her career. Precisely reflecting on the fame that young stars today face through social media, Seyfried stated:

I think getting famous very early nowadays must be really awful. It must make you feel completely insecure in the world. I see these young actors who think they need to be safe. They think they need assistance. They think their whole world has changed. It can be very stressful.

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