Amanda Seyfried: The actress talks about fan reactions to her character in Mean Girls

The American actress recalled the difficulties of being too often associated with her character

Amanda Seyfried is back to talk about the role that made her famous in the world of cinema: Karen Smith in the film Mean Girls in 2004. The actress is now engaged in the series The Dropout available on Disney + in which she plays the entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes founder of Theranos, a biotechnology company that has been swept away by the scandal due to the allegations of tax fraud. In an interview, the actress also dedicated a few words to her career, especially at the beginning recalling how she experienced the media wave that was created around her character, Karen. Let’s find out what he said!

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Amanda Seyfried: “I was disgusted by the way the boys addressed me”

In Mean Girls, the actress portrayed the role of Karen Smith, a superficial high school girl. Alongside her Rachel McAdams in the iconic role of Regina George and Lindsay Lohan, in that of Cady. Although Amanda Seyfried has had the opportunity to act in multiple roles, many people, especially boys, have continued for a long time to associate her with Karen and some of her behaviors. Obviously the actress was affected a lot and widened the reflection to what it is like to live in the spotlight when you are so young:

“I think being so famous from a young age is terrible. It doesn’t make you feel safer. I see all these young actors and actresses who think they need to be surrounded by bodyguards and they need to have an assistant. They think their whole world has changed; it can be stressful, I saw it happen to my peers so I bought a farm. I said to myself, but yes, let’s completely change the way “[…] “Mean Girls it made me famous, it really made me take my first steps in this world. However, you must try not to get pigeonholed into a single category. In 2004 I had to be careful not to be just the pretty blonde girl. So if at the beginning of my career I didn’t Big love, I would have been Karen Smith. All the auditions I did in the beginning were always about roles as a blonde girl. I wasn’t going to be the protagonist because for some reason I didn’t fit in that box. I didn’t know why.

However, the actress said she was satisfied with her career, she managed to find her way and move away from this type of roles. We remember among other films of her, In TimAnd with Justin Timberlake, Oh mama with Meryl Streep, while in 2020 Amanda Seyfried gets her first Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress for the film Mank, in which he stars opposite Gary Oldman.

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