Amazing! Jennifer Lopez Talked About the Love of Her Life and No … It’s Not Alex Rodriguez!

Jennifer Lopez

“The Diva of the Bronx” has generated a stir.

The singer Jennifer López is one of the most requested stars in the universe thanks to her undoubted talent and enviable beauty.

Wherever she goes, JLo takes over the place by attracting all eyes and generating sensation among those who may be close to her; but now she has found himself in the center of the hurricane due to some statements she gave for Vanity Fair.

When the singer commented that “I would like to live in a remote place (in the United States), where I can do everyday things. I fantasize about that ”, making reference that she would like to live in Italy or Bali, nobody imagined what she would say next.

The artist says that she would be willing to leave many of her luxuries in order to be able to live away from Hollywood, and that is that López lives as the celebrity she is, in a large mansion that gives all possible luxuries to her children and enjoying her love with Alex Rodriguez.

The businesswoman also commented that she never imagined that she would have a life like the one she has and claims to be enjoying all the opportunities she has received for what she is very grateful for.

“Many days it still happens to me that I can’t believe the opportunities I had. There are memories that blow my heart out of emotion. For example, the first time I sat at the cinema and saw myself on the screen, I looked at my family and started to cry, ” the singer recalled wistfully.

Finally, the artist left a comment that has surprised everyone, and that is that JLo confessed that “acting is the true love of my life”, even more than the singing and dancing held, no one expected this confession.



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