Amazon Prime Gaming. 9 free titles. There is a Polish accent

Amazon Prime Gaming is a service that pushes your elbows out. The December offer of the service will include as many as nine games, including even a place for Polish production.

Amazon Prime Gaming can once again impress players with its rich offer. The company, which until recently was not too much associated with video games, is starting to deal cards when it comes to the market. December is another month in which Amazon spills games as part of the subscription.

This time, as many as nine titles will go into the hands of players, which are at least solid. In addition, players will also receive additional bonuses, for example in the form of skins for Battlefield 2042 or additions to Apex Legends. It cannot be denied that the most important for many, however, are free games.

As announced on the Amazon Prime Gaming blog, we will receive nine games in December. These are:

  • Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit,
  • Frostpunk,
  • Journey to the Savage Planet,
  • Football Manager 2021,
  • Morkredd,
  • Spellcaster University,
  • Youtubers Life,
  • Stubbs the Zombie,
  • Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack

As you can see, the offer is quite varied, thanks to which most players will be able to find something interesting for themselves. We are dealing here with, among others, Polish Frostpunk, which may be a good opportunity for many to test this quite popular game from the Vistula River. People who have a lot of free time will certainly take a look at Football Manager. You can get rid of him quickly with this game.

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