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Amazon has opened its office in Krakow, whose main task will be research and development on speech synthesis and conversion technologies, including the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant. The company puts emphasis on cooperation with Krakow universities.

The new Amazon research and development center in Krakow is the third such center of the company in Poland. The largest of them is located in Gdańsk and is increasingly developing in Warsaw. Amazon currently employs about 50 people in the Krakow office, although we can expect the team to grow in the coming years.

Engineers in Krakow, as well as in other Polish R&D centers of the company, will mainly deal with technologies related to the synthesis and conversion of speech as well as natural language recognition.

– A very large part of what we do in Poland are also services related to data migration for the largest provider of cloud services in the world, i.e. Amazon Web Services. In addition, we develop technologies related to smart home and security systems – said Lucyna Chwastowska, head of Amazon’s global research and development center, during the opening of the Amazon office in Krakow.

“Half of Amazon’s employees will live and work in Krakow”?

Why has Amazon chosen Krakow? – It is the largest academic city with 140 thousand. students and universities on the Shanghai list. This is a potential that cannot be lost by Amazon – explained Lucyna Chwastowska.

Amazon cooperates with, among others Cracow University of Technology or the AGH University of Science and Technology and announces the expansion of the partnership.

– Amazon is a global company, we could employ specialists from all over the world, but the development of technology takes place locally as part of the cooperation of academics and engineers and we would like to create such cooperation here in Krakow – said Amazon Research and Development Director Lucyna Chwastowska.

The new Amazon office was also visited by Jerzy Muzyk, the deputy mayor of the city of Krakow. – We implement the idea of ​​a new district in Krakow, New Town, in Płaszów and Rybitwy, this is to be a “new city”. And now I see Amazon in one of the largest skyscrapers in this city as a rapidly growing company. Maybe we will get to such a point that half of Amazon’s employees on a global scale will work, live and live in Krakow – fantasized the vice president.

Amazon has been operating in Poland since 2013, when it took over the start-up of students from Gdańsk University of Technology under the name Ivona Software. Since then, the company has invested PLN 12 billion in the country and currently employs 23,000 people on permanent jobs.

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