Amber Heard and friend plot to frame Johnny Depp: leaked email goes viral

An email from Johnny Depp’s legal team leaked online and went viral, and fans believe it is proof of the plot staged by Amber Heard and her best friend.

An email regarding the case recently leaked online Johnny Depp And Amber Heard: according to fans, the text that went viral would count the evidence of the plot created by the actress and her best friend, as well as more information on the incident that occurred in the spring of 2016, when police visited Depp’s penthouse after receiving a call about alleged domestic violence.

As the Pirates of the Caribbean star continues to celebrate the win, Heard gave an interview during which she talked about the disappointment she faced after the verdict was delivered. The Aquaman 2 actress is rumored to write a book of “vendetta“in which he will reveal everything since, in his view, no longer”has nothing more to lose“.

A few days after Amber’s full interview was released, an email from Adam Waldman, Ben Chew and Camille Vasquez, the attorneys of Depp’s legal team, went viral. The text allegedly relates to a conversation between Adam and Josh Drew about the time cops were called to the actor’s home for domestic abuse complaints in 2016.

According to the contents of the email, it was Amber Heard who called Josh Drew’s ex-wife, Raquel “Rocky” Pennington, to help her frame Johnny Depp by ambushing him. The conversation also revealed that the actress had an extramarital affair with Elon Musk for weeks while she was still with Depp, claiming that the two were having sex so “perverse“.

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