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In recent weeks, we have updated you on the main developments in the process you are seeing Johnny Depp to accuse Amber Heard of slandering him with his 2018 editorial in the Washington Post and, in the last few hours, all of this has taken an unexpected turn “For fault” from Snapchat.

These days the ghost app is back to being talked about thanks to what, in a very short time, has become an extremely popular and highly effective filter thanks to which a person’s face takes on a sad, crying expression. Probably, around the social networks, you will have come across short clips in which maybe there is someone who is laughing or saying something extremely funny with an excessively contrite expression.

Well, obviously again through social media, the rumor has spread that the new filter of Snapchat would have been designed with Amber Heard as a source of inspiration. This theory has become so popular that TMZ has decided to ask Snapchat directly for information that has clearly denied any reference to Amber Heard.

On the site we read that:

Despite the rampant speculation, we are here to disprove this. A Snapchat spokesperson told us that there is nothing true in these rumors and that the lens is not inspired by Amber Heard. We’re also told that this specific filter, which premiered last Friday, had been in the works for six months, so it had been in development long before the actress offered her tearful testimony.

Below you can see a practical application of the filter:

In short, as they say, it was the most proverbial of fake news.

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