Amber Heard ends up in bankruptcy and takes refuge in Spain

After parting with Jhonny Depp, Amber Heard fly in Spain with his daughter. It seems that the actress took refuge in a small village in Majorca.

Amber Heard in Spain, the actress takes refuge in a small village after the legal battle with Jhonny Depp

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According to the Spanish press Amber Heard36, apparently took refuge in Spain with his daughter of just one and a half years old, Oonagh Paige. It seems that Amber Heard has been in Spain since last June and, precisely, would be in a small village of just a thousand souls, nearby Majorca.

The main reason would be the opportunity to regain some privacy after the intense legal battle, sometimes in the media, with the ex-husband and actor. Jhonny Depp. Amberin fact, after spending months with the cameras pointed at her, she was finally sentenced to pay 10 million dollars to her ex-husband as compensation. Meanwhile, it seems that the word has not yet been put to an end to this dispute; the lawyers of the Heardin fact, they appealed against the sentence. The actress was convicted of defamation of her ex-husband.

It seems, however, that in the meantime the thirty-six-year-old actress has moved to Spain to find a semblance of normality, pending procedural developments. Amberaccording to reports from the Spanish press, he would have rented a house in Costitx using a fictional name to protect their family and privacy.

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