Amber Heard fires Elaine Bredehoft ahead of the Appeal: she will aim for the First Amendment

Despite the clear evidence in favor of Johnny Depp at trial for defamation against Ambr Heard, the other side also had its cards to play. But the legal team led by Elaine Bredehoft was found completely unprepared. Now the actress fires him (almost) completely in view of the appeal.

Heard’s decision was not entirely unexpected modify his legal team in light of the compensation ruling in favor of Johnny Depp which amounts to 10.4 million dollars, decided by the jury of Fairfax (Virginia) and which the actress is now preparing to challenge in the second instance of judgment. But behind the hiring of the new lawyers David L. Axelrod and Jay Ward Brown, who will join Ben Rottenborn of Woods Rogers Vandeventer Black already present in the first trial, there is not only the apparent unpreparedness of his former legal team.

The choice makes it clear that Heard’s Appeal intends to focus on the rights granted by the First Amendment of the Constitution. Specialize in the clause on freedom of word In the U.S. founding document, Axelrod and Brown advised the New York Times’ victorious battle against Sarah Palin’s defamation suit for a promptly corrected June 14, 2017 editorial, in which the NYT made a misleading link between the political action committee of the former vice-presidential candidate and a mass shooting in 2011 that claimed the lives of six people.

Following the judicial filing in the Old Dominion that announced the change of Heard, the new team expressed itself with a statement: “We welcome the opportunity to represent Ms. Heard in this appeal as it is a case with important First Amendment implications for every American. We are confident that the appeals court will apply the law correctly with no respect for popularity, will overturn the sentence against Ms. Heard and reaffirm the fundamental principles of free speech“.

Meanwhile, the sentence in favor of the ex-husband is rapidly rehabilitating him in the world of cinema: the first image of Johnny Depp as Louis XV has arrived and a few hours ago the news that Johnny Depp will return to directing after 25 years.

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