Amber Heard going to jail?

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

Will Amber Heard go to jail? The acid between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is still going on and it doesn’t look like it’s going to end. The actress faces up to 4 years in prison for perjury, and the evidence in the case is footage from police cameras.

The conflict between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard deserves its own Wikipedia page and a fact-based film, though the beginning of their relationship looked great. The pair of actors met on the set of the film Rum-drenched journal (2011), an adaptation of a Hunter S. Thompson novel with whom Johnny was friends for many years. Amber Heard was then a young, dazzlingly beautiful woman and little-known actress. After 4 years of relationship, they got married. Depp threw her long-time partner Vanessa Paradis for her, with whom she has two children, and Heard dumped for him … also her partner, the daughter of a former French prime minister.

Amber Heard going to jail?

The idyll did not last long, after 15 months of marriage, Heard accused Depp of a beating and filed for divorce. As compensation, she then wanted to take over the actor’s penthouse in Los Angeles, the Range Rover car and half of the actor’s assets (estimated at $ 400 million). In the end, she only got 7 million. Heard she assured that the entire amount would be donated to charity (for the American Civil Liberties Union foundation and a children’s hospital in Los Angeles), which contributed to her victory in court. When Depp called her “gold digger” and accused her of being with him only for the money, the judge stated that if that were true, the actress would not intend to donate the money to charity. That’s a fair point, it’s just a pity that Amber Heard eventually kept the money for herself. One of the organizations that the actress pledged to support revealed that she did not receive any payment from her.

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Will Amber Heard go to jail?

If the court decides that she lied about using the money for charity, Amber Heard going to jail? Moreover, she also faces legal consequences due to perjury. When the actress called the police twice because of Johnny Depp in 2016, she claimed he had demolished the apartment and hit her with the phone. It turns out that the apartment was not demolished on the recordings from the police cameras. She faces up to 4 years in prison for perjury, and her ex-husband will be able to sue her for compensation. It is worth mentioning that Depp’s career suffered heavily throughout the conflict, the actor lost contracts, roles and was actually inscribed on the Hollywood blacklist.

Was Johnny Depp the victim of domestic violence?

As is well known, victims of domestic violence are unfortunately very often not believed and even blamed. 2016, when Amber Heard accused Johnny Depp of violence, was the year of the movement’s growing popularity #metoowhich was supposed to show how many victims of sexual, mental and physical violence there are and that often the main reason why the victim does not report it anywhere is the privileged position of the perpetrator. Because if the perpetrator was someone known and influential, other people will not want to oppose him anyway. People tend to stand up for talented people they like when accused of immoral acts. Michael Jackson, Woody Allen, Marylin Manson, Shia LaBeouf are just a few examples. In the eyes of their fans, no evidence matters.

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For this reason, the fact that so many people sided with Amber Heard back then, despite Depp’s fame, is wonderful. It would seem that as a society we are leaving the cave and we stand on the side of the victims, even if the perpetrator is someone known, liked and rich, instead of saying “He certainly could not have done it, because he is such a good actor” …

Unfortunately, there is also the other side of the coin in this matter. Amber Heard herself was accused of being beaten by her former partner Tasya van Ree. The recordings disclosed during the court hearings between the actors are evidence that it Amber Heard was violent against Johnny Depp. In addition, there are suspicions of perjury. Meanwhile, it was Johnny who received support from former partners and daughter: Winona Ryder, Vanessa Paradis and Lily-Rose Depp, who wanted to testify in his defense. They all claim that Depp was never aggressive towards them and did not commit any form of violence.

Author: Kamila Szalas

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