Amber Heard has not donated the 7 million to charity (as promised) of the divorce from Johnny Depp

The twists and turns continue (and low blows) at the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. After the statements on mutual abuse released by the couple’s therapist and the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder for the actress, the testimonies continue and new details emerge. The two ex-colleagues and ex-spouses continue to battle each other and, after her divorce 15 months after the wedding, they hope to win the defamation case to save face and her career.

The actor said that he remained married because his father had also done so and felt it was his duty, but he also said that his daughter Lily-Rose did not attend the wedding due to differences with the one who would become his wife. During the reception, the new bride – continued the artist – organized a drug-based party, MDMA.

There was no shortage of curtains: Depp was asked to list his films but, aside Alice in Wonderlandthe actor could not recall any others, which sparked the hilarity of the fans in the courtroom. Judge Penney Azcarate didn’t like it and threatened to kick everyone out of court. Meanwhile, it emerged that in the period in which Amber Heard was about to get closer to her husband, she had a relationship with Elon Musk, the billionaire CEO of Tesla, which is why the actor accused her of treason (in his opinion the flirtation was born when they were still married). Her former agent, Christian Carino, testified that that relationship was just a way to occupy the time after her breakup with Depp, and then complain about the spotlight. A few months earlier (in July 2016), despite the restraining order obtained by the actress, she herself asked Carino to arrange a meeting in San Francisco with Depp. On that occasion, the former Captain Sparrow would have threatened to harm himself with a knife.

It didn’t end there: at the time actress said she would donate all proceeds from divorce settlement ($7 million) to charity, splitting it equally between Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). In December, the association’s president Terence Dougherty said he had received a much smaller amount (1.3 million) due to financial difficulties reported by his lawyers in 2018 when the body asked for explanations. It seems that the actress wants, sooner or later, to keep her word but for now can not afford to do so.

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