Amber Heard is still in the film, Warner didn’t cut Mera’s scenes

In the latest test screening of Aquaman in the Lost Realm, Amber Heard was revealed as Mera.

Aquaman starring Jason Momoa was a smash hit for Warner Bros. and grossed over a billion dollars. Obviously the major has officially announced the sequel, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdomwhich will be released in theaters in December next year.

Tonight, a new test screening of the film was held, a preview of the current editing reserved for very few people in charge of giving their assessment of the various scenes. No heavy revelations about the plot of the film have emerged due to the non-disclosure agreements, but despite this, an interesting detail has been revealed, which is inevitably causing fans to discuss: Warner Bros. has decided to Don’t cut Amber Heard’s scenes as Mera.

Following the actress’ defeat in the trial with Johnny Deppinevitably his career was negatively affected, to the point that his stay in the role of Mera in the DC Universe has been highly doubted. Nevertheless, to date Warner Bros. has decided not to remove his scenes as they are important to the plot, without however proceeding with a recasting.

According to previous reports, the actress will still have a minor role in the filmwith her role being spoiled in the process.


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