Amber Heard kept money from Johnny Depp? She was supposed to help others!

Amber Heard
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When Amber Heard and Johnny Depp broke up in an atmosphere of scandal in 2016, the actress managed to fight the star in a court of $ 7 million. Heard then assured that the entire amount would be donated to charity, but as Depp’s lawyers now prove, only a small amount was donated to those in need. Amber Heard kept millions to herself?

After the last judicial defeat, which Johnny Depp suffered in a lawsuit against The Sun magazine, it seems that he regaining his good name and proving that he claims is Amber Heard she was the perpetrator of violence in their marriage will be very difficult. Recall that The Sun in one of her articles, she called Depp a “martyr.” The actor demanded an apology and compensation, but the court found that the word used in the article was appropriate to the situation …

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As a result of a failed trial Johnny Depp lost role in Fantastic Beasts 3and Disney reportedly made the final decision to block the actor’s return to the next Pirates of the Caribbean installments. The star’s situation is therefore very uninteresting. The only thing left for him is to make the triumphant’s life a bit unpleasant Amber Heard

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Johnny Depp attacks Amber Heard. She appropriated the money?

As a result of a divorce from Johnny Deppem Amber Heard received $ 7 million. The actress quickly announced that she would donate the entire amount to charity – specifically to the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital and the American Civil Liberties Union. But now that Depp’s lawyers have approached them asking for the money from Heard, it turns out that … they didn’t arrive.

According to the Daily Mail, the children’s hospital has so far received only $ 100,000 out of the promised millions. In June 2019, the management of the facility was even supposed to write to Amber Heard asking for the remaining amount. Lawyers Johnny Depp there is no doubt that the money did not go to the hospital – in which case it would prove the donation in court.

So where are the remaining millions?

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