Amber Heard Legal: ‘Johnny Depp Suppressed Evidence’ – World

After yesterday’s beating in a court in Virginia, Amber Heard plans to appeal. This was reported today by the “New York Times” quoting the spokeswoman for the actress Alafair Hall. Amber received a partial victory yesterday in her counter-suit against Johnny Depp but lost much more than her ex-husband to whom the jurors recognized $ 15 million in compensation reduced by Judge Penney Azcarate to 10.35 due to the limits imposed. from the state of Virginia to punitive damages. The jury awarded Amber two million dollars for being defamed herself by a lawyer for Depp who called her allegations “a scam.”

Amber Heard’s attorney told “Today” that Johnny Depp’s legal team “demonized” his client and was able to “suppress a mountain of evidence” in the process. “That’s why she was demonized,” said Elaine Charlson Bredehoft. “That’s why the jury got confused.” Amber – added the lawyer – is unable to pay the enormous sum requested by the Fairfax jury. Bredehoft then cited the London trial in 2020 in which Depp lost to the tabloid “Sun” who called him “a man who beats wives”. “The ‘Sun’ had evidence that it was true, but we were unable to tell the jury in Virginia that Depp had committed at least 12 acts of domestic violence including sexual assault against her.” She added the lawyer: “We had a huge amount of evidence that was admitted to Britain and suppressed here. In the British case, indirectly it was Amber who won and Depp the loser.”