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The trial that sees opposites in Virginia Johnny Depp and ex-wife Amber Heard (he asks her for $ 50 million for defamation, she defends herself accusing him of violence) is dominating in newspapers, televisions and websites. A caution, however, with dangerous side effects. On TikTok in fact, reveals the bible of the show “Variety”, they have become viral videos that, using the tales made in the classroom between tears by the actress of “Aquaman”, are the background for ballets or are mounted in parody sketches. An absurd drift considering that – beyond the conclusions reached by the judicial procedure – in the Chamber we heard stories of rapes, slaps and violent quarrels.

This unexpected trend includes a videos, with over 30 million viewsin which Amber Heard’s testimony is edited with a clip of Kim Kardashian dressed as a judge for an episode of Saturday Night Live, complete with the final “culprit”. Others, with the hashtag “amberturd” (a vulgar pun to label stories as “scum”) are bizarre video and sound montages that in the end do nothing but mock the story of what it is, in any case , an alleged victim of abuse.

TikTok announced that it has already removed most of the videos accused, underlining how the platform’s policy prohibits “discrediting the victims of violent tragedies” and how everything that can “ridicule, humiliate or injure an individual” is removed. But the social hatred has not completely subsided yet.

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