Amber Heard wants to cancel Johnny Depp’s trial

Amber Heard does not give up and changes strategy. After having defined the court’s decision as sexist and discriminatory, having reiterated her love for Johnny Depp and having returned to accuse him of violence, with barometric mood swings not unlike those of Meghan Markle towards the English Crown, the actress of Aquaman now aims to de-legitimize the Fairfax, Virginia court decision to have it quashed. The defense legal team in fact asked that the verdict issued against Depp’s ex-wife be entirely annulled and with it the compensation of over 10 million dollars that has been imposed on her and that she has already declared that she is unable to to pay.

amber heard cancel johnny depp trial

Heard’s lawyers’ strategy of asking for the trial of Johnny Depp to be canceled.


The 43-page memorandum presented by his lawyers states that the sentence “was not supported by sufficient evidence” and that for this reason it must be annulled.. A trial to be redone, therefore, also in consideration of a too punitive verdict against her, given that both former spouses were found guilty of defaming each other. Johnny Depp also did not present any evidence that Heard was not abused, so the jurors’ decision would be “inconsistent and discordant”.

amber heard cancel johnny depp trial

So far, public opinion has sided with Johnny Depp.

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In the document filed by Amber’s lawyers and filed last Friday, his lawyers also complain about an error in the year of birth of one of the jurors who took part in the trial: “clearly born after 1970”, the man was registered as born in 1945. An inattention that according to the defense would raise doubts about the actual rigor of the trial. The appeal was expected and was received with peaceful serenity by Johnny Depp’s team, who said: “It was what we expected, only longer, but not more substantial”, in reference to the large file presented to the judge. In short, all the scene, to impress the court and public opinion which, however, has already shown that it is totally on the side of Captain Jack Sparrow.

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