Amber Heard will pay Johnny Depp a million dollars – Cinema

End of one of the most spectacular marriage judicial sagas of the last decades. The 36-year-old actress Amber Heard has announced that she has reached an agreement to put an end to her appeal procedure in the US from the sentence of the defamation trial won in the first instance by her ex-husband Johnny Depp. “After much deliberation I have made the difficult decision to strike a deal,” she wrote on Instagram. A move, she explained, matured “after losing faith in the American judicial system, in which my testimony has served as entertainment and has given rise to discussion on social networks”. Her appeal was initially dismissed but was later upheld. According to the entertainment website ‘Deadline’, the actress will compensate her ex-husband with only one million dollars (against the 8 owed) which he will donate to charity. Depp said he was “satisfied’ with the outcome of the case and his lawyers explained that his goal was not so much the money as “to bring the truth to the surface”. “The jury’s unanimous decision and the subsequent verdict in favor of plaintiff stand,” they noted, and the $1 million payment “strengthens Heard’s admission that the legal system’s rigorous search for the truth is over.” The legal battle began following a opinion piece signed by Heard in 2018 in the “Washington Post” coinciding with her film “Aquaman”: without ever naming her ex-husband, the actress had defined herself as “a public figure who represents domestic violence”. that article damaged his reputation and his career, the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star sued her for libel, and his ex-wife fought back with a similar lawsuit. After the huge media content in which the protagonists of the short marriage of horrors tore each other apart, the jury concluded that the two exes had defamed each other, condemning Heard to pay her ex-husband 10 million dollars and the latter to pay two million to his ex-wife. The actress therefore owed 8 million but she claimed she did not have it. A few days after the verdict, one of Depp’s lawyers said the star was ready to give up the sum if Heard declined to challenge him again on appeal. “From the beginning what was at stake was his reputation, it was never a question of money,” Ben Chew Chew prophetically assured ABC.