Amber Heard Would Like The Media To Let Her Promote Her New Movie Like Everyone Else

While Amber Heard defended her film in the fireIn her first appearance in cinema since 2019, at the Taormina Film Festival, which was held in Sicily from June 23 to July 1, the actress and Johnny Depp’s former actress had to set the record straight.

“I control what comes out of my mouth to a great extent. What I don’t have control over is how my pride can overcome this project and everything we’ve put into this film,” she told Deadline. And to throw the rug out from under anyone who wants to link it to something else, the actress just went ahead and offered to “take the elephant out of the room.”

actress before “the former”

“It may not be obvious to everyone, but I have been an actress my entire adult life, starting when I was 16. As crazy as it sounds, this means that I have spent decades in this industry. I am not telling you that my film career is extraordinary, but I have something that I have done on my own. (…) What I went through (two defamation suits brought by Johnny Depp, against one). Sun, the other against him), what I experienced does not make my career at all. And it definitely won’t stop my career. So, p(…) read more in about 20 minutes

Video – Amber Heard’s Minute

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