America Femenil 2-1 Chivas Femenil, Vuelta semi-final, Apertura 2023 Liga MX Femenil: results, goals, video | TUDN Liga MX Femenil

he women’s america He is still fighting to defend his title. Liga MX Femenil When I noticed sea ​​bass The winners will advance in the semi-finals and a new final will be decided. Opening in 2023.

In a dramatic match at the Azteca Stadium, the Azulcrema team defeated Leverño 2-1 and won 4-3 on aggregate.

After a completely close first half, both teams left their emotions in the complementary parts, first with a potential penalty, which was overturned by VAR in favor of Chivas.

It was a heroic performance for the Red and White team as Caro Jaramillo received a second yellow card and was sent off for an offense in the middle of the field.

Despite the numerical disadvantage, Cassandra Montero Chivas Femenil took the lead in the 69th minute, a great moment for the Guadalajara team and the Liga MX Femenil champions were eliminated.

America began to make a spectacular comeback and somersault, Kiana Palacios In the 75th minute, they leveled the score with Ángel Villacampa’s side at the Azteca Stadium.

It’s already 79 minutes. andrea pereira He turned the game around with a stunning volley from the edge of the area and signed the American pass to seal another place in the Liga MX Femenil final.

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