America freezes; they predict temperatures of -40 degrees

washington.this cold wave A large part of it has been covered USA The National Weather Service (NWS) reported cooler temperatures, snow and wind chills on Monday.

The organization detailed in its latest report that heavy snowfall and rainfall affected Midwest and expanded to the Great Lakes region southern united states However west coast countries, affecting cities such as New York, Washington Or Philadelphia.

Additionally, the National Weather Service added that “dangerously cold temperatures have continued across much of the United States” in recent days.

On social networks, people shared videos of frost

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The agency predicts frigid temperatures and wind chills will continue into Tuesday before a new arctic wave arrives later in the week.

Expected extreme temperatures Within minus 40 degrees There is also heavy snowfall in Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota, as well as heavy snowfall in Michigan and New York.

A cold snap could affect attendance at the Iowa caucuses this Monday, the first appointment of the Republican presidential primary, with former US President Donald Trump (2017-2021) the clear favorite from the start of.

Temperatures in Des Moines, Iowa’s capital, are expected to drop below -20 degrees.The U.S. Weather Bureau warns Skin exposed to this cold Freezes in just ten minutes.

In recent hours, Republican candidates have asked their supporters to brave the cold to vote, including Trump, whose campaign worries his followers will take victory for granted and stay home.

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