American diplomats in Geneva and Paris with the “Hawaiian Syndrome”. State Secretary: We make it clear | News from the world

The Wall Street Journal reported unofficially on Thursday that at least four US diplomats on missions in Geneva and Paris have been diagnosed with a mysterious neurological ailment known as the “Havana syndrome”. One official was also reported to have been transported to the United States for treatment.

According to “WSJ”, suspicions of “attacks” on US officials in Geneva and Paris were to be sent to the State Department in Washington last summer.

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The “Havana syndrome” manifests itself with nausea, memory problems, neck pain, fatigue, and severe headaches and dizziness. The term “Havana” is closely related to the Cuban capital of Havana, where cases of the disease were first reported in 2016.

Vietnam USThe US vice president arrived in Vietnam late. Media: Havana Syndrome

A theory has emerged that the cause of the “Havana syndrome” may be microwaves used as a weapon or spy device. However, some publications pointed out that there was no evidence to support these hypotheses. The disease has so far affected approximately 200 US officials in China, South America and Europe.

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US Secretary of State: Any responsible person will bear the consequences

“ We work across the government to get to the bottom of what happened, who’s responsible, and in the meantime, to make sure we care for everyone that’s affected and to protect all our people as best we can, ” the secretary commented on MSNBC of the US state Antony Blinken.

He stressed that “the incidents disrupted the lives and well-being” of diplomats.

When asked if this was “a kind of attack on diplomats,” Blinken did not deny it. He noted that “there is no doubt that these people were directly and strongly influenced”.

“Anyone responsible for this will face dire consequences,” he said.

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