American Horror Story: Kim Kardashian convincing in the trailer!

Kim Kardashian is the star of the new season of American Horror Story. She appears in the new trailer for the series!

This Wednesday, September 6, a trailer for season 12 ofAmerican Horror Story was revealed. A teaser featuring Kim Kardashian, star of the new season. MCE TV summarizes everything for you from A to Z!

Season 12 of American Horror Story inspired by a novel

On September 21, the first part of season 12American Horror Story released on Canal +. The series has been a hit since its creation. Fans are therefore waiting for these new episodes with joy!

Indeed, it will give surprises! Directed by Ryan Murphy, American Horror Story will be inspired by the novel by Danielle Valentine, Delicate Condition. A thriller that follows the adventures of Anna Alcott.

A young woman who thinks that an entity wants her not to give birth. This book called Delicate, was released last August. It also inspires the subtitle of this new part.

In summary, this season is going to be rich in history again. American Horror Story has also been awarded several times. The seasons are not linked. They concentrate about different stories and places.

But this new season will be cut into two parts. Due to the ongoing actors’ and writers’ strike in Hollywood. Thin !

We will therefore have to wait a little to see the full season ofAmerican Horror Story. The first part will be released on September 20 on the American channel FX. So don’t panic!

Moreover, an XXL casting will accompany this new story. Indeed, Kim Kardashian joins Amercican Horror Story! MCE TV tells you everything.

Kim Kardashian star of season 12

American Horror Story will cause a sensation again! The new season arrives with a new cast.

Indeed, we could see in the last trailer for the series, Kim Kardashian displayed as the star of the program. All eyes will therefore be on the businesswoman. Which will make people talk even more aboutAmerican Horror Story.

We could see ex-wife Kanye West shining in the image alongside Emma Roberts. The one who lent her voice to the film Paw Patrol is therefore preparing to conquer the small screen. By taking the lead role ofAmerican Horror Story.

Kim Kardashian has already been able to play a few roles in several series. Indeed, she played in Drop Dead Diva or CSI: New York. But this time, she is in the foreground of the poster.

Ryan Murphy announced an ambitious season unlike anything that has been done before. Just that !

The latter had already featured another Kardashian: her father Robert Kardashian. In fact, he was able to play in American Crime Story: The people vOJ Simpson.

For the rest of the cast, we will find among others Billie Lourd, Leslie Grossman and Denis O’Hare. In any case, the presence of Kim Kardashian in American Horror Story arouses curiosity. And we understand it!

Fans are therefore waiting to see the next trailers to better admire the actress! To be continued.

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