American media group seeks ‘energetic’ journalist to cover…Taylor Swift

Serious announcement: the first American regional press group Gannett, owner of the network USA Todaylooking for a journalist “energetic” and multimedia that exclusively covers pop megastar Taylor Swift, cultural phenomenon and commercial steamroller.

The “Taylor Swift Reporter” ad appeared Tuesday, September 12, on the Dayforce job site, posted by Gannett for its newspapers USA Today And The Tennesseanlocal publication of the USA Today Network: “We are looking for an experienced journalist, focused on video and capable of capturing the musical and cultural impact of Taylor Swift”. Gannett notes that “Swift’s fan base has reached unprecedented heights, as has the importance of her music and legacy” in the United States and around the world.

The USA Today network and its newspaper in Tennessee (south) want to recruit “an energetic editor, photographer and social media pro, who will have an insatiable thirst for everything Taylor Swift does on all platforms”. It’s necessary “a creative and energetic journalist who reports on the excitement surrounding Swift’s current tour and upcoming album, while providing thoughtful analysis of her music and career”. USA Today warns that the “Taylor Swift” column must have “one voice, but no prejudices”.

The American economy stimulated by the “Taylor Swift effect”

The 33-year-old musician is a musical and cultural phenomenon and an economic juggernaut. She has just completed part of her “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” in the United States and Mexico and should make a detour to Canada in November 2024. She is due to head to Argentina at the end of the year , Europe, Asia and Australia until the end of 2024. With 146 dates in sold-out stadiums, Taylor Swift – who started at a young age in a bar in Nashville (Tennessee), “capital” of the country – is expected to reach $1 billion in revenue. At the end of August, she announced that her concerts would be the subject of a film which will be released on October 13 in AMC cinemas in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Even the president of the branch of the American central bank (Fed) in New York, John Williams, spoke last Thursday of a “Taylor Swift effect” stimulating on the American economy in recent months. In June, a thousand journalists and Gannett employees went on strike to demand reinvestment in coverage “decimated” local news from USA Today Network’s 200 titles and the departure of the struggling company’s boss, Mike

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