American MMA star Amber Liebrock converts to Islam

Amber LeBrock announced the news to her subscribers on her Instagram account. “The last few months have been transformative for me,” she says happily. “I have been through ups and downs. I worked harder than ever and still failed. In my loneliness, I experienced a deep love and my life was turned upside down. Then, in an instant, everything began to make sense. Everything leads me to a path that brings me closer to Allah and helps me discover my faith. ,

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His conversion to Islam allowed him to regain his peace and happiness. “I feel closer than ever to the incredible people in my life and to myself. So far, everything has gone exactly as it was supposed to, and it has been worth it. This is not my time, but Allah’s and I have full faith in Him regardless of the ups and downs.

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The 35-year-old woman’s conversion to Islam was influenced by her guru Mujeed Hameed. They introduced him to the Muslim faith and helped him convert. In a video posted on YouTube, she is seen reciting the Shahadah (profession of faith) at the East Bay Community Center in the United States.

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