American politician: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is very likely

– I’m afraid that Putin’s invasion is very likely. To be honest, I still don’t understand his full motivation as to why he is doing it now, but I certainly do seems determined (to do it – ed.), unless we discourage him from doing so. I think that he can only be deterred by sanctions at a level that Russia has not yet seen, and this is exactly what we have to deal with with our allies – he said Schiff On Sunday, on CBS television, he was asked whether the planned diplomatic talks are just Moscow’s smoke screen before the planned attack.

– Our allies must be determined and unanimous in this matter, and Russia must understand that we are united – emphasized the Congressman of the Democratic Party.

– Russia needs to know that if it invades, NATO will bring itself closer together, it will not move them away from its boundaries. It also a very strong deterrent Schiff emphasized. – We will move more NATO forces closer to Russia. This will have the opposite effect to what Putin is trying to achieve, he added.

Schiff claims that it is necessary to scare Russia away announcement of “very strong sanctions”. He said that sector-specific sanctions would be the most important, but he would not oppose sanctions imposed personally on Putin.


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