AMLO: “In the time left, we will continue to prioritize the poor,” Lopez Obrador said in a government report.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador greets those attending the fifth report of the government in Campeche this Friday.
Andrés Manuel López Obrador greets those attending the fifth report of the government in Campeche this Friday.Presidency (Reuters)

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador symbolically launched his final year in office. The left-leaning president, who came to power in 2018 with the most votes in Mexico’s history, looks back on five years in office, but also offers an indication of what might happen in his final leg. unspoken.he does sprint Exit to fulfill campaign promises. Lopez Obrador called the philosophy he was baptized “Mexican humanism” and argued that the remaining 13 months of his government would be guided by maxims that put the poor at the center. “We will continue with the same strategy: serve all, respect all, but prioritize the poorest and most needy, because our motto means Because the do-it-yourself principle ‘for the good of all, first for the poor’ must be internalized,” he said.

Now, against his own tradition, Lopez Obrador is presenting his fifth government report in Campeche (having used his office, the National Palace, for the past few years). His plan is to later board the Maya Railroad to lead a technical test of the route and track conditions before the famous work in southeastern Mexico opens to the public. On the same day, he also announced the launch of another priority project, the Dos Bocas Refinery in his home state of Tabasco. It also promised that two coke plants, Tula and Salina Cruz, and two combined cycle plants for the Federal Electricity Commission on the Yucatan Peninsula will be delivered in the coming months. As part of a pending record for the past year, he also announced that he would present to Congress a vision for reforming the judicial system that has been at odds for months.

In Mexico, each government’s report is considered presidents day. Lopez Obrador has the backing of cabinet ministers and governors, including the opposition (Jalisco natives Enrique Alfaro, Movimiento Ciudadano, Yucatán state’s Mauricio Vila and governor of PAN), on Friday. Esteban Villegas of PRI from Durango). In the front row was his wife, writer Beatriz Gutierrez. It was an audience loyal to the speaker. “President, President!” they shouted and applauded. President Lopez Obrador thanked civil servants, especially soldiers and sailors, for helping him run his own business. The government entrusts them with a wide variety of tasks, from public security and civil protection to port and customs management and construction. public works, managing hospitals, cleaning beaches, distributing medicines, managing state-owned enterprises, etc. “We are showing sailors and soldiers to be citizens in uniform and exemplary civil servants,” the president said.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador at the fifth government briefing in Campeche this Friday.
Andrés Manuel López Obrador at the fifth government briefing in Campeche this Friday.president of mexico

Lopez Obrador, 69, defended his vision that all politics should be centered around helping the poor and eliminating the privileges of the rich and the golden bureaucracy. After that, the president reworked Marxist theory. From his point of view, the source of wealth accumulation and inequality is not bourgeois theft of surplus value from workers, but government corruption. “Unfortunately, corruption has been so rampant here[Mexico]for so long that it has created inequalities. Happiness, tranquility and peace depend on corruption and it must be ended and banished, and that is what we are demonstrating.”

President Lopez Obrador said despite the pandemic, poverty fell by 5.6 percentage points between 2018 and 2022, and income inequality between the richest and poorest households fell 18- to 15-fold. emphasized. The president also ensured that per capita income inequality will increase from 36-fold in 2010 to 17-fold in 2022. The president noted that poverty is declining even in the southeastern states of Mexico, which have historically been economically the least economically backward. This is because the government has injected strong public spending into the sector. “Thirteen months into my term, with a dignified and hardworking people and an honest and austere government, we can live in a better, fairer, freer, more fraternity and more equal society. Moreover, it reaffirms the main hypothesis that corruption is the main cause of economic and social inequality,” he said.

The president asserted that the administration’s prioritization of the poor did not mean that “those at the top” had suffered, but it threatened private property and turned against the rich. It’s almost a necessary point for a ruler who is accused of doing the act of “Businessmen, even bankers, make a reasonable and legitimate profit, and it is also important to recognize this. Most companies and all banks are doing very well. , in some cases achieving historic gains,” he said. “For this reason we confirm that we have declared: We will lift up those from below. This does not necessarily mean those from above, but those under privilege. Masu.”

A book containing the text of the Fifth Report of the Lopez Obrador government.
A book containing the text of the Fifth Report of the Lopez Obrador government.Office of the President of Mexico (via Reuters)

President Lopez Obrador’s funding cuts also included reducing insecurity figures, increasing public spending on social programs, economic growth, a stronger peso, increased remittances, and abolishing golden bureaucratic privileges. He stressed that public policy was strengthened without raising taxes. “What is the key to achieving these results? The key is not to tolerate corruption. “And nothing has done more harm to Mexico than the dishonesty of its rulers, which is fundamentally constituted by the success of a transformative government,” he said. . .

At the Campeche Convention Center, when he said he was about to end his hour-long speech, a loyal audience could be heard yelling “No,” “Continue,” “Don’t end,” “Don’t leave.” . He concluded his speech by saying, “We continue to walk towards the lofty ideals of democracy, true democracy, justice, equality, liberty, fraternity and sovereignty.” “No corruption, luxury, authoritarianism, classism, racism, discrimination. Democracy yes, oligarchy no. Honesty but no corruption. Justice and fraternity yes, poverty and inequality. No.” The left leader left the microphone for the exit as he headed into his final year in office, winning the third ballot. Later he takes a train, also a train with history.

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