AMLO pumps more debt into huge businesses and pensions, Senate warns – El Financiero

Government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador Funding large-scale infrastructure development and pensions with more public debtwhile applying budget cuts to the health sector, criticized by opposition senators.

PRD senator Juan Manuel Fosil claimed that the government proposed a 4.9% deficit to the House of Representatives in the 2024 economic package, which is considered the highest since 1989.

He explained that a deficit is when more is spent than earned. In this case, the federal government would require additional public debt to cover the cost, he said.

“Note that I say increase the public debt, because the federal government often says it is not asking for additional loans. But the truth is that the debt is at least 30% higher. , an increase of about 1.3 trillion pesos.

“They try to deceive people and claim that thanks to austerity, they were able to pay out pensions and carry out even bigger public works projects because of the programs they put in place to cut spending. The truth is , which is almost entirely financed by public debt,” he argued.

senator Bread Ismael Cabeza de Vaca He criticized that the cost of the Maya train will be three times what was originally said in Morena, as it has now cost an additional P480 billion and is not yet completed.

He emphasized that the “4T” improvisation would be very expensive for all Mexicans, adding that “the useless AIFA would also have three times the resources of what was proposed. It’s a bottomless pit of wasted money,” he said. 2024 means waste from Morena will come directly out of families’ pockets,” he added.

Meanwhile, Deputy Coordinator of the PAN bench said; Kenya Lopez Rabadansaid the most worry about the budget It is detrimental to your health.

“Budget cuts to the Department of Health are very worrying because they affect those who can least afford it. , it is true that Mexicans cannot go to very expensive hospitals. The majority of Mexicans cannot go to those hospitals, so they go to the Ministry of Health, ”he stressed.

Both PRD member Fosil and PAN member López Rabadan said: Concerns over budget cuts to election tribunals Since 2024 is an election year, the judicial branch of the Federation.

“If the government itself loses, the first thing it will do is ask for ballot-by-ballot, box-by-box voting. So that costs money and should be increased somewhere in the budget,” Aztec Sun Party said. concluded the MP.

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