among them also a lawyer from Catania

Hands on contributions to agriculture and scams to circumvent the anti-mafia interdict. Thirteen arrests carried out by the financiers of the Nicosia Tenenza who have executed the precautionary custody order issued by the investigating judge of the Court of Caltanissetta.

At the dawn of today, more than one hundred soldiers of the financial police have, in fact, executed 13 precautionary custody orders, as part of the “ White Paper ” operation in the territory of Centuripe, Regalbuto, Troina, Adrano, Catania and Randazzo. Seized sums of money, companies and businesses for over 3 million euros.

The disputed crimes are various: fictitious interposition, fraud, forgery, reuse of illicit capital. Among the recipients of pre-trial detention there is also a lawyer of the Catania Court and the former director of the Silvo Pastorale Special Agency of the Municipality of Troina. Six others were instead subjected to the measure of house arrest.

The scam

The suspects would have managed, first, to unduly secure access to EU aid and, then, through operations to clean up money of criminal origin, such as the issuance of invoices for non-existent operations, to return to the availability of the same wealth.

Thanks to the alleged complicity of the then director of the company Silvio Pastorale, they would have managed to obtain the unconditional hoarding of state-owned pastures for a total of over 1,181 hectares, for the purpose of the illicit perception of public funds, without complying with the procedures “for public evidence “, fraudulently circumventing the rules provided for by the” Anti-Mafia Code “.

The payments provided for in the contracts would have been split in order to circumvent the “Anti-Mafia Code” which provided for a threshold of 150 thousand euros beyond which it was mandatory for the public administration to request anti-mafia information which, in this case, would certainly have inhibited the access to the assignments of pastures to some of the suspects, as indeed happened.

To combat fraudulent conduct, guidelines were established, with the legality protocol stipulated on 18 March 2015 between the prefecture of Messina and the Ente Parco dei Nebrodi, which has now become national law, with which a new and more stringent obligation. It is thanks to the new guidelines that the contracts previously stipulated with the Assp of Troina have been rescinded, with the consequent loss of public contributions.

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