ams OSRAM launches new low-cost plastic-encapsulated 905nm infrared laser for high-volume applications

ams OSRAM has introduced a new high performance infrared laser in a radial plastic package aimed at high volume consumer and industrial applications.

The PL90AT03 SPL side-emitting laser, with 75 W peak power and narrow 110 µm aperture, provides superior performance in long-range measurement applications and easy optical integration. Therefore, this new side emission laser diode. With its low cost plastic package, it is ideal for use in high volume applications.

The same size as the previous generation of SPL PL90 series lasers, the SPL PL90AT03 offers an easy upgrade to its next generation chip technology for higher efficiency. Additionally, the SPL PL90AT03 produces a narrower beamwidth than its predecessor due to a 50 percent smaller aperture and improved optical design.

The single channel SPL PL90AT03 features ams OSRAM’s multi-junction technology, which consists of three vertically stacked emitters on a single laser diode mounted within a radial plastic package. This technology allows the laser to produce peak optical power in a 30 ns pulse of 75 W with a maximum forward current of 25 A. The laser diode can generate short laser pulses ranging from a few ns to 100 ns.

High optical power in a narrow emission region makes the SPL PL90AT03 ideal for distance and measurement applications that operate over long distances, such as robots, drones, and residential and industrial automation equipment. In LiDAR and time-of-flight sensing applications, the high performance of the SPL PL90AT03 enables the production of more precise and accurate depth maps for 3D optical sensing systems and synchronous localization and mapping (SLAM) systems.

“ams OSRAM’s growing portfolio of high-performance side-emitting infrared lasers now includes a new option for customers who need a low-cost package. The narrow aperture and high power of other side-emitting lasers in the SPL PL90AT03 family Provides the convenience of production, but with a radial plastic package that is ideal for high volume applications. Jouni Rihimaki, product marketing manager for industrial lasers at Ames OSRAM, explains.

The SPL PL90AT03 pulsed laser has a peak wavelength of 905 nm and a spectral bandwidth (FWHM) of 5 nm. Beam divergence is only 12° (parallel) x 25° (vertical), which allows for efficient beam shaping with its small 110 µm aperture.

With this new addition to its range of high-performance infrared lasers, ams OSRAM continues to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for a wide variety of applications where accuracy and efficiency are critical. The SPL PL90AT03 represents a significant advancement in laser technology and promises to improve the quality and accuracy of distance and measurement applications across a variety of industries.

Images: am osram

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