an act of kindness but also a valid help for health

October 7 is World Smile Day, this is where this anniversary comes from and what are the benefits of laughter on our body.

To know the origin of World Smile Day we have to go back a few years, specifically in 1999 when Harvey Ball conceived this anniversary. Already many years before the creator had created what today is in effect the most famous image on the planet, we are obviously talking about the smile. The face we use in chats with friends has a much more complex story than we imagine.

Icon of good humor and happiness, the smile is now famous in every corner of the earth as a symbol of the smile. After a few years from its invention, Ball decided to launch this anniversary considering the fame of the emoticon all over the world. This is the World Smile Day, to be precise the day of the smile that today 7 October we celebrate all over the world. However, smiling is not only an act of kindness towards other human beings but apparently also an excellent ally against health problems. Let’s find out what the benefits of laughter are and why we should smile more often.

Smiling is good for your health – that’s why we should do it more often

It seems that smiling is not only good for the spirit but also for our health. The first benefit is certainly what it has on stress, researchers and scientists have in fact announced that laughing helps a good mood but that’s not all. Laughing also allows the purification of the respiratory tract but also of the intestinal system, this happens thanks to the carbon dioxide that is expelled.

It also helps lower cholesterol because it reduces the levels of fat in the blood. Also for constipation it is a healthy touch, the muscles contract during laughter and this helps the abdominal exercise. The smile also helps to relax the body, as well as the mind, this contributes to a total physical well-being that greatly helps the body to deal with periods of strong stress. Appetite and the immune system will also be strengthened thanks to laughter and its beneficial properties.

All that remains is to celebrate World Smile Day with a big laugh trying to involve those around us too. Smiling is an act of kindness but also a medicine for our body and good mood.

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