an AI imagines what Jack and Rose would look like if they had grown old together, and you will cry

Titanic Jack & Rose forty years IA One

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Serieously is as big a fan of titanic. And we wondered what Jack and Rose might have looked like had they grown old together, if the dream liner hadn’t hit the iceberg. And the result is very moving!

Even today, many fans of titanic believe that Jack could survive on the board alongside Rose. Despite this, the character of Leonardo DiCaprio preferred to save his sweetheart and perish in the waters of the Atlantic. Serieously decided to rewrite history thanks to the artificial intelligence Midjourney, saving Jack from sinking and imagining her growing old with her dear and tender.

Jack and Rose more in love than ever after their trip on the Titanic

Seriously therefore took over James Cameron’s script to make another version of the film by titanic. In our story, the iceberg was narrowly avoided and Rose decided not to listen to her mother but rather her heart, and leave Cal for Jack. At the end of the trip, the two decided to ride horses on the beach, drink cheap beers and ride rollercoasters, as they promised each other on the dream liner.

The years have passed and their love remains intact, especially during their forties:

© Series/Midjourney
© Series/Midjourney

Let’s go to the future again, more precisely 40 years later when Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet) turn 80. Always so in love, the two lovebirds do not let go of a sole and continue to embrace.

© Series/Midjourney
© Series/Midjourney

And the most moving thing is that they continue to make small romantic appointments on a boat. Place of their first meeting… how romantic!

© Series/Midjourney

They continue to maintain the flame with candlelit dinners, always in the arms of each other, of course.

© Series/Midjourney

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