An angel sleeper at a brilliant witch: you recognize it?

Who is this beautiful girl who sleeps serene in his crib? He really has a face of a angel but most know her as a witch…

Emma Watson Photos, Emma Watson/Instagram)

We do not make reference to his bad character or his evil but at the role that has given immense popularity this young actressin one of the film sagas – and even before literary – the world’s most successful. Of course we talk about Harry Potter and, in the specific case of the witch Hermione Granger, played by Emma Watson.

Happy birthday! Emma Watson is 30 years old

Emma Watson (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

Already, she sleeps serene in his crib, unaware of the fame and celebrity that would have marked his life and his career: it was Emma Watson to post this picture on your profile Instagram to “celebrate” his thirtieth birthdaya few days ago, with this comment: “Wow. 30! That adventure was… hey you, you that I have always supported them: thank you. thank you for your kindness. Thanks for the support”.

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Emma and Harry Potter, a long history more than 10 years

Emma Watson he was only nine years old when, in 1999, he went through the first auditions and in the end got the role of Hermione Grangerthe bright witch-born beetle) captive in that will help the protagonist of the saga, Harry Potter, precisely, to fight and finally defeat the evil and powerful Voldermort and his death Eaters.

Emma Watson as Hermione Granger (Photos of Harry Potter Movies/Instagram official account(

A successful career

Emma was Hermione for eight films, from 2001 to 2011but you are not sitting on the laurels of a successful easy and predictable, trying to compete with other organizations, and other roles, and more the uncomfortable and complex, how to Nicky in the Bling Ring, the history of the gang that stole the wardrobe of a Hollywood star, Paris Hilton in the head, or that of Angela in Regression, by Alejandro Amenabar in 2015 (read below the plot), or still what Beautiful in the live-action Disney Beauty and the Beast. And has never been afraid to to call himself a feminist and support women’s struggles for equality.

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From the little witch at… Little Women!

His last film was the recent transposition of the classic Louisa May Alcott Little Women, directed by Greta Gerwig, in which he played the role of the older sister, Meg Marchalongside Saoirse Ronan and Florence Pugh, both candidates for Oscar.

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