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She Hayloerts up to life support in Belgium

The belgian, She Hoylaerts, 90-year-old, he gave up the life support that would be needed in order to keep her alive, urging the doctors to use the device in a patient with a more youthful. She was admitted to a hospital in the city of Lubbeek, in the county of Flanders, and was killed in the August 21 due to a new coronavirus. According to the daughter of the old lady, She of the symptoms of the Covid-19 that had begun two weeks before.

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Her daughter, Elinor, it was reported to have taken the mother to the doctor when she first started to lose my appetite and feel short of breath. “She was suffering from pneumonia and was admitted to the hospital in the past year,” he said to the local newspaper “Het Laatste Nieuws”.

On arrival at the health facility, it was verified that the oxygen saturation was too low. Then, in the old
it has been tested positive for the Covid-19
and you are not able to receive any further visits from his daughter. At the last meeting, Judy said that the last message he had received from the mother was:

“You can’t cry. You have done all you can. I’ve had a good life”, said She. The next day at the hospital, the woman died. According to the doctors, she refused the use of a fan.

“I don’t want to use artificial respiration. Save it for younger patients. I’ve had a good life,” she said to the doctors. Judith bemoaned the fact of not being able to say goodbye properly to the mother because of the risk of going to the funeral.

The Belgian has recorded 705 deaths caused by a new coronavirus, but so far, no loss of such a young age, according to the balance sheet, of the official. Even on Tuesday, there was 12.775 confirmed cases.

A girl of 12 years old died a victim of the coronavirus in Belgium

Also, in Belgium, a 12-year old girl died because of the Covid-19
although the disease usually does not affect badly the patients are so young.

“It’s a rare fact that we are moved deeply,” said the doctor, Emmanuel Andre, a spokesman for the Health Service, the news agency “AFP”.

The victim was a student in Ghent (north-west), according to a city of belgium said in a statement to the media mourning of a death, “particularly tragic”.

“It is important for you to know that it’s not going to school since the 13th of march, and did not have any contact with the educational team since then,” said the source.

The young victim, apparently, had no health problems prior to being infected with this the virus
the lungs, according to the public broadcaster, flemish VRT.

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“After a three-day fever”, her condition deteriorated very suddenly,” said another spokesman for the health authority, Steven Van Gucht, of the press.

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