An electrifying message. Atom Bank introduces a four-day working week in England

Various forms of shortening the working time are more and more boldly tested all over the world. The British Atom Bank has just presented its proposal.

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Four-day work week at Atom Bank. The salary remains the same

Atom Bank is the largest British company that has decided to test shorter working hours. Previously, there was no trial on a small group. Cited by CNN, president of the institution, Mark Mullen, said that to find out if this solution works, it should be tested on all of the 430 employees.

Therefore, each of them reduced their working hours from 37.5 hours a week to 34 hours without cutting their salaries. Atom Bank expects employees to take Mondays or Fridays off. This solution is intended for volunteers and involves slightly longer working hours on working days. The President admits that the pandemic played a part in this decision, which debunked many myths related to the modern workplace.

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Atom Bank argues the changes with the desire to improve the mental and physical well-being of employees. They also count on an increase in employee productivity. The change was introduced on November 1. CEO Mark Mullen says he hasn’t seen a drop in productivity or a change in customer service since then.

Four-day work week. The experiments are ongoing

Experiments with a shortened working week were carried out, among others, in Microsoft and Iceland. The results were very promising. Workers’ stress and well-being has clearly improved. Productivity, on the other hand, did not drop significantly, and at Microsoft it even increased by 40 percent.

The party Razem (Together) has recently added to its program the reduction of working time.

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