an English artist and fan dedicates an exhibition to him to which he went

If you are a fan of Pedro Pascal (and who isn’t?), you absolutely must make a stopover this summer in Margate, a small seaside town located on the eastern tip of Kent, England. For what ? Because a local art gallery is currently having an exhibition there in his honor. Title ADHD Hyper Fixation and why it looks like I love Pedro Pascal (either : ADHD Hyperfixation – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – and Why It Looks Like I Like Pedro Pascal), it was imagined by the artist Heidi Gentle Burrell.

An exhibition dedicated to Pedro Pascal

What can we see there? Portraits of Pedro galore of course. And what had to happen happened, of this astonishing exhibition, Pedro Pascal quickly got wind of it. Cool as he is, the star actor of the series The Mandolarian And The Last of Us even went to visit her. Finally, he would have liked. Passing through the region, he went there last Sunday with two of his friends, the English actor Russell Tovey, as well as the gallery owner and former musician Robert Diament (incidentally a close friend of the artist). But, no luck, the threesome found door closed ! Disappointed, the three friends nevertheless immortalized themselves in front of the gallery.

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