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Part 2 of the crime drama with Arianna Becheroni in streaming from May 19th.

Alice’s criminal “adventures” can only become even more dangerous and – for us viewers – more exciting in the second part of Bang Bang Babyon Prime Video from the May 19 (UPDATE: Episode 6 will be out on May 19th, while Episodes 7-10 will be out on May 26). In the new five episodes of the crime drama created by Andrea Di Stefanothe self-assured protagonist played by Arianna Becheroni she will definitely have to adapt, in her own way and stocking up on snacks, to a world with ruthless rules that until recently was foreign to her. But blood, you know, does not lie (in every sense): judge for yourself by taking a look at this pulp-flavored clip that we of we propose you in exclusive preview.

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Bang Bang Baby: Alice’s descent into hell continues

Bang Bang Baby tells the story of Alice, a 16-year-old teenager who lives in a small town in the Milanese province in 1986. Her life as a teenager between TV series, cartoons, commercials and video games is turned upside down when she discovers that her father who he believed dead is actually still alive . But the father is not an ordinary person: he is the Holy Baron (Adriano Giannini), an exponent of a powerful organized crime clan linked to the Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta. Alice, determined to reunite with her father and rediscover her origins, is seduced by the charm of crime and begins a dangerous journey into the world of the underworld. When she realizes that her guns are not to be played and that she has ended up in the middle of something that is much bigger than her, maybe it might be too late.

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In the new episodes, directed by Michele Alhaique (ep. 7-8), Margherita Ferri (episode 6) e Giuseppe Bonito (ep. 9-10), in addition to Arianna Becheroni and Adriano Giannini, they return – among others – Antonio Gerardi, Dora Romano, Lucia Mascino And Giuseppe De Domenicorespectively in the roles of Nereo Ferraù, grandmother Lina, Gabriella and Rocco.

Watch Bang Bang Baby on Prime Video

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