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Flooded and ruined roads disaster in Forio as always announced by the weather forecast. The leitmotif was repeated yesterday morning too when on part of the road network in the shadow of the Torrione there were inconveniences and heavily flowing water. Flooding has occurred almost everywhere and in particular on via Bocca, via Baiola, via Spinavola and the very central via Provinciale Panza. The greatest inconveniences were recorded in via Provinciale Panza, the road that leads to the Bay of Citara, a section of which was closed for a few meters due to the subsidence of the asphalt.

Workers at work at Cuotto

The most singular episode took place in the stretch of road that leads to the beach of Citara. On the descent that leads from the Royal Palm to the Citarea a swollen river developed which ended up lapping some private homes and accommodation facilities before ending up in the sea. The images that circulated on the web were decidedly eloquent and worrying even if in the end there was no damage to things and above all people. To such an extent that the facts were also the subject of “live” discussion during the city council meeting that was taking place yesterday morning (and which we report on elsewhere in the newspaper). Obviously net of the meteoric event of a certain level, it must be considered, as it now seems clear and clear, that the climate and therefore the precipitations are clearly moving towards a tropical climate, which makes such phenomena clearly frequent, as we have been able to ascertain in these months. Unfortunately, Forio is often coming out of defeat, in addition to what happened in Citara, there is the port issue to consider, now when the rains arrive, it not only jumps up to the boarding point, but also outside the entrance to the Marinai d’ parking lot Italy. In addition to this, photos were taken of people who were literally invaded by water in the street adjacent to their homes. The rain that fell heavily, especially in most of the morning, also caused inconvenience in Ischia and on the coast road of Casamicciola and Lacco Ameno, where the high tide created many inconveniences to road traffic.


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