An ingredient we all have in our kitchens can give you perfect skin

There are a lot of beauty tips. So inevitably, a sorting is necessary. Thus, a recent TikTok trend exposes the young audience to a very great danger with a technique against acne. But some tips against the little ailments of everyday life are good to take. One of them also concerns the skin and how best to maintain it. And rare are those who are not in search of healthy, luminous and perfectly healthy skin. So inevitably, we are all fond of these beauty secrets. Especially when it’s just a question of using an ingredient that we all have in the kitchen…

This is reported by a dermatologist on TikTok, as noticed by our colleagues from Current wife. Who isn’t looking for yet another exfoliator or a thousandth night cream? The bathroom cupboards seem to be full of many products whose sole purpose is to display luminous and smooth skin that resists the marks of time. For this, and also to sometimes fight against some skin problems like acne, it is essential to adopt a care routine for each skin type. In addition to the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals available, some grandmother’s recipes always cause a stir.

A miracle ingredient to use as a lotion Thus, the benefits of clarified butter for moisturized and soft lips are recognized, when others have become followers of black tea to fight against sweaty feet. Honey can protect your beautiful hair, while rosemary should stimulate its growth. But this dermatologist highlights the benefits of another ingredient, which you should quickly get your hands on in your kitchen. This is rice water. With the #ricewater hashtag on TikTok, you can find countless videos promoting the benefits of rice water. This ingredient, according to Dr. Luke Maxfield, an American dermatologist, is “soft, economical and easy to obtain“.

But then what are the effects on the skin? According to this doctor,it would be antioxidant, would reduce inflammation and irritation, it would help the protective barrier of the skin, could reduce blackheads and protect against damage caused by UV rays“, report our colleagues. (Let us specify here all the same that it is not a question of replacing sunscreen, which is essential when one exposes oneself). This could thus also help the many people who sometimes suffer from acne attack. The stars are not immune, and Cameron Diaz, Kendall Jenner or Miley Cyrus know something about it. And how to use it? Rinse the rice (90g) twice by emptying the water each time. Then for the 3rd rinse, it’s a matter of keeping the water. Put it in the fridge in a spray bottle for example, before spraying it on your face like a tonic lotion or a serum. To your bowl rice !

published on August 11, Romane Roy , Purepeople

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