An interesting proposal from Sellin. It’s about the media law!

The president who vetoed the previous one could come up with the initiative of another amendment to the media law, said Deputy Minister of Culture Jarosław Sellin in PR24. In his opinion, the content of the project could be prepared by the National Broadcasting Council or the RMN.

An interesting proposal from Sellin

Deputy Minister of Culture and National Heritage Jarosław Sellin was asked on Tuesday in Polish Radio 24 whether there will be another amendment to the media law regulating the ownership of capital from outside Europe.

I think that in a situation where the president saw certain reasons for vetoing and did so, he could come up with a legislative initiative in this matter, but also specialized bodies such as the National Broadcasting Council or the National Media Council could take the trouble, and then forward it to the appropriate body so that he may submit such a short story

—Sellin said.

Generally, in Europe, foreign capital from outside Europe cannot have more than 49 percent in licensed media and we want this principle to be enforceable in Poland as well.


President Duda’s veto

President Duda announced on December 27 that he vetoed the amendment to the Broadcasting Act aimed at, inter alia, for entities from outside the European Economic Area to be able to hold shares not exceeding 49% in media companies operating on the basis of Polish concessions.

He also appealed to the Sejm to adopt, “as far as possible over political divisions” solutions “to limit the possibility of shares and stocks held by foreign entities in companies that are holders of media concessions in Poland”.

But to do it for the future, to do it right, to do it in an orderly manner, without legislative clumps

—Added the president.

On December 17, the Sejm spoke out against the Senate’s resolution, which in September rejected the amendment to the Broadcasting Act.

On December 19, demonstrations took place in various parts of the country with the participation of, among others, leaders of opposition groups, during which the president was called to veto the amendment – it was argued that the consequences of the new regulations would now apply to the TVN Group, which is owned by an entity outside the European Economic Area – the American Discovery concern.

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