An investigation has been opened against CHP member Sezgin Tanrikulu for statements made to the Turkish Armed Forces: What did the parties say?

sezgin tanrikulu

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Ankara’s Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office announced that an investigation was launched against CHP Diyarbakır deputy Sezgin Tanrıkulu for two separate crimes due to his speech in a program broadcast on TV100.

In a statement made by the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, it was said that an investigation was launched against Tanrikulu, who was linked by phone to the live broadcast of the Free Expression program broadcast on TV 100 on September 8, “Turkey’s For the offense of “insult”. the nation, the State of the Republic of Turkey, institutions and organs of the State” and “inciting or insulting the public to hatred and enmity”.

Tanrikulu criticized the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) in his broadcast on TV100, saying, “Everything the Turkish Armed Forces does is not free from criticism. We are members of the parliament, we question these,” and Continued as follows:

“Is this not the Turkish Armed Forces that carried out the fascist coup on September 12? Is this not the army that attempted a coup on July 15, burning villages… dozens of unsolved murders. There are such cases Which I follow. Is it not the Turkish Armed Forces that threw 15 villagers from the helicopter? ?This has been established by the judgment of the ECHR…”

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