an NPC and a new feature arrive

After a short time offline for Elden Ring over the course of the morning, it is now time to welcome theupdate 1.06 from FromSoftware’s Action RPG.

The software house has in fact published an interesting patch, which brings with it some unpublished content. Among the main innovations, the introduction of one stands out in particular new feature linked to evocation signs. Thanks to the update, the Lightless can now print the latter even in distant areasthanks to the possibility of send your own sign in special locations scattered throughout the Interregnum. Similarly, the invasions they can now be built in larger areas, including those far away. The interesting feature is accompanied by a single constraint: the signs of evocation by activity co-op they cannot be sent to the area of Mohgwyn Palace.

Still on the front of the multiplayer activity of Elden RingFromSoftware has also decided to allow players to proceed in the White Mask Varre quest even without resorting to invasions. An alternative solution is now available, but requires the Lightless to kill a new NPC: On the identity of the latter, FromSoftware did not offer details.

Finally, there are many balances for the Elden Ring builds, and the resolution of multiple bugs. On this front, there are particular variations for the action patterns of Greatsword, Curved Greatsword and Great Hammersas well as for the effectiveness of the skill Quick Step And Corpse Piler. Additionally, spell tracking has been reduced Stars of Ruin.

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