An unreleased title by Billie Eilish for the soundtrack to “Barbie”

Although not announced on the official tracklist, “What Was I Made For?” Billie Eilish’s new single is taken from the soundtrack to the movie “Barbie.” The full soundtrack releases this Friday, July 21.

After singles from Dua Lipa, Pink Panthers and Charli XCX, it’s Billie Eilish’s turn to unveil a new title for the film’s original soundtrack. barbie by Greta Gerwig, which hits our screens this Wednesday, July 19. What am I made for? Finneas is the title of this melancholy piece by Andrew Wyatt and Mark Ronson. It is also the seventh single from the film’s soundtrack, which Billie Eilish announced on her Instagram for release – announcing that she was one of the mystery cast members.

self discovery

This piano ballad is inspired by Billie’s internal struggles to find her purpose in life, as she talks openly about her struggles with feeling valued for the essence of her music, and not as an object of the music industry. For. It can also be interpreted as Barbie’s spiritual journey to find herself in the real world, as she experiences throughout the film.

Like the song, the clip, in complete sobriety and abyss, shows Billie reviewing her little doll dress, while a sudden downpour makes it difficult for her to make her careful arrangements.

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