Ana Cheri’s Mini Dress Rises and Shows off Her Rear

The beautiful American model, Ana Cheri, thrilled her fans by exposing her back charms after her mini dress was lifted due to the strong wind

Once again, the beautiful American model, Ana Cheri moved thousands of her admirers after posting a series of images on her social networks, with which she had no problem exposing her back charms thanks to the strong wind since her mini dress rose very high in each of the postcards seen in the publication.

The beautiful fitness trainer has become one of the most popular influencers among users due to the unmatched beauty and curvy figure that she has since the beginning of her career, which is why she has captivated millions of people around the world.

Through his personal account on the camera’s social network, the famous internet celebrity uploaded a photo session that left his more than 12 million fans with their mouths open, in which he can be seen posing in front of the Seven Magic Mountains, which is an exhibition by Swiss artist Ugo Rondidone in the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas.

In these snapshots, Ana Cheri was encouraged to flaunt her curves by wearing a light short white dress along with matching boots and cowboy hat, with which she caused intense reactions among Internet users after the thin garment was raised to caused by the strong gusts of air that were in the place and allowed them to easily contemplate its firm rear.

Obviously, this gallery of images did not turn out as the Instagram star expected, but still, he was not discouraged and tried to have a great time on the site, and he made it clear in the description of his publication where he wrote: “Try to get! a good photo yesterday was difficult with the wind but the experience was very fun! ”.

As expected, the publication drew the attention of a large number of netizens, who did not take long to place their little red heart in the photographs, which have been able to add more than 130 thousand reactions of likes and hundreds of messages from their loyal fans.

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