Ana de Armas and her trick for an impeccable lip gloss: discover her secret

Ana de Armas is considered one of the most exciting actresses of the moment. It is known by you incredible beauty and magnificent beauty. Born on April 30, 1988 in La Habana, Cuba, a small group showed great interest in the action.

He started when he was ten years old in his native country, but in 2006 he moved to Spain to become a professional actor. How to work on it from television to the superstar of the big screenAnd now, you can see one of Warner Brothers’ most popular films, “Knives Out”.

Ana es conocida por su elegance and natural beauty, there is a feminine style with a modern hat. Many fans of Ana are intrigued by her impeccably precious lips.

Lip preparation

Lip preparation

Ana de Armas understands your lip routine with good preparation. Esto means that debe exfoliate your lips before applying the lip balm, so that the color is applied uniformly and the lips are smooth and smooth. The most gentle way to exfoliate your lips is with a mixture of honey, azúcar and some lemon juice.

Please apply a labial balm to keep your lips moisturized and comfortable. If you want an extra-shiny lip look, You can use a product with a bit of shine for your lips. Eligiendo el balsamo labial adecuado, the lips are very healthy and the colors of the lips of the lips are very much better.

Color line and exact outline

The correct way to apply the lapiz de labios to create the look of Ana de Armas is to use a color tone that combines with the natural color of your lips. Appreciate a transition between the natural color of your lips and the color of your lips. The ideal is to use a natural tone to create a natural look.

When applying the lapiz de labios, start from the middle of your labios and start tracing the line with the lapiz. Once you see that the line is crossed applied correctly to the lipsyou will need to check the rest of your lips to complete the result.

To understand the exact step that Ana uses on her lips, it is important to keep in mind the three steps that must be taken. First, cut the line exactly to the contour of your lips. Usa el lapiz with suave and smooth movement, it is safe to follow the contour of the lips.

In the second place, llene el borde interior con el lapiz para lograr una pariencia professional. Luego, complete resto de los lips to complete the perfection. The result must be a defined line without borrones.

Beauty Blender and Lip Gloss

Beauty Blender and Lip Gloss

Once you see that all the contours of your lips are defined and developed, you need a tool to create the appropriate appearance. The herramienta that Ana recommended is a beauty blender, A sponge for makeup application.

The sponge absorbs excess moisture from the lips, whereby the natural juices were not mixed with the lapiz of lips.

Simply, maneuver the spy into the borders for greater realism. Al manipulator los lips y los edges con la esponja, secure a better application for lips and the line of the border will be reforzarára.

The next step that Ana performs is to apply a lip gloss encima del lapiz de labios. Elige a brillo cunt a suave color that combines with your labial lip to obtain more volume. Ana recomienda que apliques el brillo desde el medio y que comiences a desvanecer hasta los extremos. For a duradero look, use a small transparent brillo hat.

Transparent paints and matte labial lips

One of the most important steps to apply for the perfection of lips is to apply transparent powders. This is what you need sell lip makeup and keep lips moisturized. You will also realize the color and ensure that the lip color lasts much longer.

To aggregate the powders, use a sponge to apply a light cap of the powders directly to the lips. Este paso avoid that the shine accumulates on the edges of the lipsensure that the look of your lips remains intact.

One of Ana de Armas’s most popular looks is the lip of her lips. To log this look, It’s relevant to follow the routine of previous steps. Sin embargo, it is relevant to use a pre-base so that the lens mate is applied and maintained on the lips.

The first base is an important step, it is important that the color lasts much longer and is much smoother. Luego, pulse your lips with a pad and apply the laser to the same shape so that the hizo with the brilliant lip lip to obtain the perfect lips.

Barra de labios, the clave of Ana de Armas

Lip bar

Ana de Armas also supports the lip bar, which has a natural effect and is ideal for a daily look. Elige algunos de los tonos what combines with the natural tone of our lipsthis way the color will apply more smoothly.

As a previo, apply a pre base to your lips. This is to avoid the barra being inserted between the pelitos of the skin or pores, where it could cause a desigual appearance. Learn about the medium and aggregate more closely to the extremes to obtain a better effect.

Permanent lip balm and corrector

Permanent lip balm and corrector

A practical tool that is useful for using Ana de Armas is the tint for the lips. This is a process in which apply a tint to your lips in your professional lips. The result of this procedure will be an intense and durable color, which will not fade or fade easily.

The procedure is simple, but requires much control and precision. To begin with, clean the area of ​​the lips to allow the tint to have a uniform shape. Please apply a protective lip preparation to help seal the color and avoid skin damage.

Luego, the professional will apply the tint with a medium-large brush. Secará por completo antes de apply a protective cap to keep lips hydrated. The lip tint is also an excellent option for pigmented lips.

A small step that helps you achieve the perfect Ana de Armas look is using the lip corrector. Used for conceal the pores and skin of the lips. The corrector can also be used to create a firmer and more defined contour.

To apply correctly, it is important not to apply more than can be applied to the lips. Use a sponge to apply the corrector with suavidad, come to the middle of the lips and extend the edges. You should be careful to use a tone of lip corrector that does not appear too clear.

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