Ana De Armas, Ben Affleck’s ex will be Marilyn Monroe

Who is Ana De Armas, the ex of Ben Affleck who will play Marilyn Monroe in the Netflix movie “Blonde”

Born in Cuba in 1988, Ana de Armas is an actress and model who moved to Spain when she was only 18 years old. Ana de Armas took her first steps as an actress in Spanish cinema, becoming famous with the television series El Internado. She left Madrid, she moved to Hollywood where she made her American film debut in 2015, with participation in Knock Knock from Eli Rothand then participating in films such as Blade Runner 2049 (acting opposite Ryan Gosling) e No Time to Die where she took on the role of the new Bond Girl. We recently saw it on Prime Video in Deep watersthe thriller starring her with Ben Affleck (known on the set and with whom she was engaged for a year) and we will see her again soon on Netflix, in July, in the film The Gray Man and in September in Blonde the much talked about Marilyn Monroe biopic.

Photos of Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe show the undeniable similarity between the two

Just a few days ago from Netflix and from the same Ana De Armas was published on first teaser trailer of the Netflix movie Blondewhich sees the Cuban actress take on the role of the unforgettable icon Marilyn Monroe.

Check out the Blonde trailer below:

L’release of the film on Netflix is expected worldwide for on September 23but the new film about the life of Marilyn Monroe is already in the news for the transformation of its interpreter, Ana De Armas: in fact, the 34-year-old star of Cuban origin has hidden her natural brown hair to let herself be dominated by the platinum blonde curls of the Monroe and the similarity between the two is striking. Blonde is based on the story of Carol Oates and is based on the double identity of the diva, the film has already been at the center of the debate for months because despite having been shot in 2019, it has not yet seen the light since then due to the battle between its director Andrew Dominik and Netflix on editing because of too much pushed scenes. Hence the prohibition of viewing under 17 years.

Listen here the third episode of Dee Giallo Story by Carlo Lucarelli: Marilyn Monroe – The True Story

Carlo Lucarelli: “In the case of Marilyn Monroe something strange, something that doesn’t add up, or comes back too much, in fact there is”

The third episode of the series One Podcast Dee Giallo Story conducted by Carlo Lucarelli is dedicated to one of the most famous and loved actresses of all time, Marilyn Monroe and, specifically, of his death, which has always been shrouded in an aura of mystery.

Dee Yellow was born in 2007. In all these years hundreds of episodes have been released and waiting for the new episodes of the second season of Dee Yellowfrom the archives of Radio Deejay we have fished out for you the most beautiful stories told by Carlo Lucarelli.

This is one of the stories of a death that has always seemed strange to a lot of people. It is one of the stories of the death of Marilyn Monroe.
In the early morning hours of Sunday, August 5, 1962, the police rushed to a mansion in Los Angeles, Brentwood neighborhood, 12305 Fifth Avenue. It is the villa of one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe, which in fact Sergeant Clemmons finds lying on the bed in her bedroom, naked, half covered with a sheet. With her are her maid, her doctor and her psychiatrist. Marilyn is dead.

The Facts: At 6 am, the funeral directors bring Marilyn’s body wrapped in a blanket and tied on a stretcher to their funeral home’s laboratory to prepare it for the wake. There they are joined by an assistant coroner, who has the body delivered and taken to the Los Angeles County courthouse morgue, cold room number 33. At around 10 am a young pathologist performs an autopsy on one of the most loved and desired divas in the world. After a 5-hour autopsy that reveals no signs of a struggle, the doctor concludes that the actress died of barbiturate intoxication due to overdose from indigestion. On August 17, it will be concluded that given the facts, the case is classifiable as a suicide. End.

End? Could one of the greatest myths of the entertainment world end like this? Yes, it happens that people take their own lives, a lot of Hollywood stars, but it also happens that you don’t resign yourself to seeing them go away like that. Especially if, as in the case of Marilyn Monroe, something strange, something that doesn’t add up, or comes back too much, in fact there is.

The podcast series Dee Giallo Story is available for free along with many others onOne Podcast appon the app Radio DEEJAY, on Spotify come on Apple Podcast.

Listen to the episode of Dee Giallo Story about Marilyn Monroe here

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