Ana de Armas fans disappointed by her absence in Yesterday decide to sue Universal Pictures

Actress Ana de Armas appeared in the Yesterday trailer and fans assumed she would also be featured in the film. When they found out that wasn’t going to be the case, they decided to sue Universal Pictures.

Imagine being able to see one of your favorite actresses, in this specific case Ana de Armasin the trailer of a film that seems interesting to you to see, let’s talk about Yesterdayonly to find out that of Ana de Armas in the aforementioned film there is no trace. Perhaps you would be disappointed, but you would get over it, or, there are those who would take it so badly as to decide to sue Universal Pictures.

The Ana de Armas case in court: will there be consequences for the Studios?

In January of last year, Paul Michael Rosza and Connor Woulfe they decided to sue Universal Pictures due to the absence of the actress Ana de Armas within the movie Yesterday. The protagonist of Blondein fact, she was featured in the trailer released to sponsor the film’s 2019 release and had persuaded many to believe she was in it as well. Studios’ lawyers attempted to argue the case, stating that the trailer is “an artistic and expressive work” and as such protected by the First Amendment.

A really thorny issue that has seen a last update in these days, with the sentence of a judge, Steven Wilson, in favor of Rosza and Woulfe. The ruling, reported by DeadlinesHe says:

“Universal is correct in stating that trailers are creative products and on which there is a certain editorial discretion, but this creativity should not override the commercial nature of a trailer. By its definition, a trailer is an advertisement that aims to sell a film, giving consumers a preview of the film itself.”

But, why doesn’t Ana de Armas appear in the film? Yesterday is a comedy directed by Danny Boyle with protagonists Himesh Patel and Lily Jamesin the roles of Jack and Ellie, her best friend and love interest. By a strange accident, Jack he wakes up one morning to find he’s the only one who remembers the Beatles songs. Having ambitions as a singer, he will decide to take advantage of it. The screenwriter Richard Curtis he limited himself to saying that the character interpreted by the actress constituted a “complicating factor” story development:

“Taking her out of the movie was traumatic, because she was brilliant, really gorgeous. And that turned out to be a problem. I think audiences loved the story of the two leads, Ellie and Jack, the way we told it. Ana played instead a character who complicated matters and became a potential interest for Jack when he landed in LA I think the audience didn’t appreciate him being torn between two women And they could have been like ‘oh but then he’s not really in love with her, no he deserves Lily James’ character. So we had to cut that character out in order not to jeopardize the story.”

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