Ana De Armas, metamorphosis into Marilyn Monroe in time-lapse

Qhen she was presented at the 79th edition of the Venice Film Festival, the audience gave her ten minutes of applause. She, Ana De Armas, she was moved to tears. It’s a pity that Blondethe movie about Marilyn Monroe released on September 28 on Netflix, with the Cuban actress in the role of the diva, is not enjoying the same success with the public.

Seen by many, criticized by (almost) everyone. It is not a biography in the strict sense, but a re-presentation on the screen of the famous novel written by Joyce Carol Oates. That you look at Marilyn’s life, yes, but with a vision definitely partial and distorted. What remains of the film, of course, is the great work behind the scenes to allow Ana de Armas to “Transform” in one of the most popular divas in the history of cinema.

In a one-minute time-lapse video shared on social media by Netflix, the actress comes taking over by the skilled hands of the hair and makeup team. A daily job lasting a total of three hourswhich allowed the brunette and smiling Ana to take the form of one very blond and sulky Marilyn. And then creams, tricks, a painstaking work to shorten and refine the eyebrows.

A commitment whose result has amazed everyonestarting with Ana de Armas: «Seeing me in the role of Marilyn was really exciting. At that point I had been working for maybe nine months and the first time I wore the main wig with full makeup, I started to cry. My hair and makeup team started to cry. Everyone was very excited, and it was a beautiful moment. And it all seemed to become real. It was so scary, but so beautiful at the same time. ‘


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