Ana de Armas: “My relationship with Ben Affleck has made my personal life ‘dangerous'”

Ana de Armas opened up about her relationship with Ben Affleck, explaining what impact it had on every other aspect of her life.

Before Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez get back together in 2021, the Justice League actor dated Ana De Armas for nearly a year after working with her on Adrian Lyne’s thriller Deep Waters. The actress recently revealed that their relationship made “dangerous“his personal life.

To say that the two stars got some attention while they were together would be an understatement and now, months later, De Armas has decided to talk about the behavior of the media and fans, even going so far as to define “dangerous“the attention caused by his love affair with Affleck.

The actress explained that it was certainly not her relationship with Affleck that made her feel for the first time the hysteria surrounding the world of the media and paparazzi, underlining however that that situation was particularly uncomfortable for her: “I’ve never been a person who wants attention“.

As long as they are not attentions concerning my work. So when it’s not due to the cinema it’s upsetting to me. It seems disrespectful, inappropriate and dangerous to me. But, especially in this country, I don’t know how protection can be found. I don’t know how you can prevent this from happening, other than walking away“concluded Ana de Armas.

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