Anahí criticizes Kim Kardashian for abusing plastic surgeries


The former RBD considers surgeries good when really needed or something that makes people feel bad.

Anahí says that you should resort to cosmetic surgery when you really need or something that makes people feel bad, but also criticized those that are taken to the extreme.

“I think that if you have something that you don’t like, that makes you feel complex, that makes you feel bad, and that you can solve, fix or improve it, why not? There is nothing wrong, ”said the former RBD member.

Anahí did not miss the opportunity to criticize Kim Kardashian, whose figure reflects what it is to put in the hands of surgeons: “I think there must be limits because suddenly you can go over, and then there are things that can not be solved.”

The 36-year-old artist is waiting for her second child, so for the moment, cosmetic surgery is not in her plans.


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