Anai reveals what triggered her eating disorder: ‘You’re chubby’

Anai You know, the 40-year-old singer returned to the stage with her group RBDMore Fifteen years later, now a wife and mother of two, she reflected on one of the most difficult moments of her life. food problems That led to her death, she recalled in an interview with journalist Joaquin Lopez Driga, in which she also said: bullying She was a victim of it when she was a child.

From an early age, Anai knew what it was like to be famous and her participation was a “”.childishness“And in soap operas, which made her so high profile since she was a child and adolescent, this not only brought her happiness, but also the bullying problem. It caused her to stay away from the classroom and become private.” bothered me.

“All I asked God at night was, ‘Please love me tomorrow and do me good tomorrow,'” she recalled tearfully. When she entered her high school, she became more famous and could not stand teasing from her classmates and had to continue her private classes, which caused her great anxiety. For example, he grew up not knowing what intergenerational travel was and was only able to study up to high school, but it was an unforgettable experience. Mia Colucci She is proud of her career, which has brought happiness to many people.

“Maybe I don’t have a degree that I can teach you, but I have a career I’m proud of,” said a member of the youth group that sprang from the successful soap opera Rebelde, in which she played a character. He accepted Mia’s appearance despite the opposition of many TV stations.

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Manuel Velasco talks about his wife's health.Photo: Instagram

Manuel Velasco talks about his wife’s health.Photo: Instagram

Anai’s celebrity made it difficult for her to deal with bullying at school, but when she was 15, she began having nightmares and was selected to star in a remake of the soap opera Quisenhaela.first love(2001).

The producers of the telenovela, which was eventually altered by Pedro Damian, called her to talk about her role as the lead character. Those words changed her life. Because she sowed her insecurities about her appearance that had haunted her for so long. Anorexia and bulimia appeared in his life.

“We’re trying to do a soap opera. You wouldn’t believe it if you were the main character. But Anai, the main characters are skinny, they’re so pretty, and you’re chubby. “Melodrama,” she recalled, was visibly shocked. Since then, she “suffered from anorexia nervosa and bulimia for years and nearly died,” he said.

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Anai confessed that she started obsessively watching what she ate because she thought it wasn’t enough at her age. “The compulsive and completely sick topic started and it took a toll on me,” she admitted. Because she weighed 38 kg. Furthermore, in addition to her physical and mental problems, body shaming (embarrassing or making fun of someone because of her appearance or figure) that she suffered on various TV shows also helped her. did not.

Photo: Instagram @nahi

Photo: Instagram @nahi

When he nearly died of cardiac arrest at age 18, the panorama began to change.

“I could go five or six days without eating, sometimes try grapefruit, sometimes ice. I don’t want you to take any ideas from here.” Please.” When I couldn’t take it anymore, my bulimia came back and I was teased so much that I threw up a lot. One day, when she was with her cousin Alicia, she told her, “I don’t feel well, something is wrong.” Her heart was pounding and she felt her stomach turn over. I saw her turn around and look at me, which is very unusual. When I told her, she went straight to the emergency room at Angeles Hospital,” he said.

Ms. Anai’s body was completely out of balance and her heart could not take it any longer and if they had not taken her to the emergency room she could have died. “I arrived in cardiac arrest and they put me in the emergency room. My life was saved, they told me the potassium and electrolytes in my body, I mean, everything was going down, it was so fast… I was about to pass out, I don’t know, but my heart couldn’t take it. I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t taken him to the hospital and the doctors hadn’t followed their orders,” the singer said after several weeks in the hospital before leaving for a new hospital. Admitted. On his 19th birthday comes his chance of a lifetime.


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